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Lyle Health provides extremely qualified clinicians who provide quality care and help to create long-term employee stability for our clients. We currently provide Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Allied Health and clinic support professionals to more than 1000 inpatient and outpatient facilities across the country.


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Need Talent? We've Got It!

As professions across the country are starting to rebound from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare organizations are tired of overpaying to be continually understaffed. Staffing and recruiting expenses are frequently misallocated, only to see more staff exit than being hired. Our core focus on candidate quality, reliant on candidate data points, depth of knowledge and speed to market are all components of our secret sauce.


Lyle Health offers three distinct staffing services:


Providing permanent staffing solutions. Serving growth-focused health systems, hospitals, multi-specialty groups and private practices.

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Providing temporary help for long-term and recurring healthcare positions. Allowing healthcare employers to fill positions without impacting their fixed overhead costs.

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A proven staffing tactic to increase employer retention rates; allowing employers to gauge the candidate’s performance prior to hiring them on a permanent basis.

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Our Clients


Sourcing, screening and retaining healthcare providers is a very difficult task. We have created a solution to that problem. Employers will gain access to candidates, otherwise not available to them. Each pre-screened candidate submission will include a candidate profile and salary information.

All major surgical specialties (Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, CT Surgery, General Surgery, Urology, ENT, Gastro), as well as Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Primary Care, PM&R, Pediatrics, Radiology and Psychiatry.

Our contingent service charges a percentage of the candidate’s starting salary. All placements are accompanied by a full money-back ninety day guarantee. Our temporary and temporary-to-permanent services charge an hourly rate, inclusive of provider compensation, malpractice insurance, payroll costs and credentialing (when applicable).

For permanent positions, from start to finish, it usually takes 30 days from submission to acceptance. For temporary positions, we typically send CV’s within the first 24 hours.

For each permanent position we work on, we try to submit 2-3 candidates. On the temporary side, it’s all quality and speed to market driven. Sometimes we submit one person who can start the next day, while other times we submit 2-3 candidates. Our goal is to put the employer in a difficult position and want to hire all of the candidates submitted!